“The most amazing place in Bratislava”

This place is just amazing. There are enough cafes, just in the square, to keep you hydrated whilst you laze back and admire the panorama stretched out around you.

Jochen and Martina Graz

“Beautiful Buildings and fantastic atmosphere.”

Take a slow walk through the main square and a possible memento of your visit. Enjoy a meal or drink on one of the many outdoor tables offered with grand views of the Square.

Antony. Boston

St. Martin's Cathedral – (Dom svateho Martina)

It is amazing how much history is in this St.Martin Cathedral.

Peter P. Utah

“So much more than expected”

Wherever you sit within the square, you have a beautiful view all around you.
The architecture is stunning from all angles, so take your time and take in the beauty that confronts you.
You will not be disappointed.

Katja and Petra. Salzburg

“Beautiful square, lovely to wander”

What a gorgeous square. Wonderful views in all directions, fascinating buildings, plenty of places to stop for a coffee and watch the world go by. The perfect city break.

Torsten and Julia. Oslo

“Some Spectacular Statues and fountains ”

Man at work

Sabine. Bremen

“Great Views” New Bridge – Ufo Observation Deck

Amazing to see this bridge. Is very different to usual ones, great views over the river and of Bratislava.

Anita and Ivo. Amsterdam

“A must on your list” UFO Observation Deck

A fabulous view of Bratislava and the surrounding area from the observation desk. The free binoculars which are available are extremely powerful, and give you a good opportunity to really focus in on the castle.

Peter. Utrecht

UFO Observation Deck

Go up at sunset and watch the sun go down and the lights come up .

Valerie M. Moscow

“One of the symbols of the old town of Bratislava”

Cumil ! - Man at Work .Located next to the main square, there's a lovely little story behind this well-known figure.

Melanie. Basel

“Primates' Palace - historic tapestries found inside”

We were glad we stuck our heads in and the walked all around this Primatial palace .

This is really a very pretty city centre full of shops, restaurants and performers.

The incredible Hot Chocolate at one of the sidewalk cafes needed no explanation however.

Monique and Jan. Delft

“Symbol of Bratislava”

It is very nice castle at one of top point of city. Even it is on a hill, easily reachable from the city center. Have a very nice view of the city.

Stephanie. Dresden

UFO Observation Deck

Upon arriving in Bratislava its hard not to notice the amazing bridge with what seems to unbelievably have a UFO at one end.

Kyril M. Moscow

Bratislava Castle - “It is an Uphill Walk but Well Worth it”

That walk up the hill gets your heart pumping, any attackers would have been knackered by the time they got up there!

John. Dublin

“A nice walk around and some very good views.”

Beautiful, I loved sitting out at night under a blanket having a beer and some food. Wonderful atmosphere and service.

Mario Z Napoli

“Small but very nice”

Great place, many people and lots of restaurants. This is the place to visit to see tourists and locals mingling, eating and having a beer.

Lexie S. California